Growing Kids through healthy authority

If you missed the Hettie Brittz seminars recently, don’t worry. Her book is available from Focus on the Family.

How much authority is healthy and what does healthy authority mean today? Have parents lost their authority, and how do they rebuild it step by step? These are questions that Hettie Brittz addresses in her book: Growing Kids Through Healthy Authority. She looks at styles of authority, how it shapes our children and how to put a stop to manipulation. In the book you’ll discover a road that will take you beyond rigid control to something much more precious: lifelong influence in your children’s lives.

Authority is as rare as hen’s teeth today because respect has seemingly gone out of fashion. The most common lament of parents and teachers is that they no longer have any authority. The constitution, aggressive children, post-modern culture and even religion have stripped them of their authority – or so it seems. All of this leaves them feeling powerless. Although some of them do have meaningful rules and useful disciplinary systems, without authority these become ineffective,” says Hettie.