Growing Kids through healthy authority

If you missed the Hettie Brittz seminars recently, don’t worry. Her book is available from Focus on the Family.

How much authority is healthy and what does healthy authority mean today? Have parents lost their authority, and how do they rebuild it step by step? These are questions that Hettie Brittz addresses in her book: Growing Kids Through Healthy Authority. She looks at styles of authority, how it shapes our children and how to put a stop to manipulation. In the book you’ll discover a road that will take you beyond rigid control to something much more precious: lifelong influence in your children’s lives.

Authority is as rare as hen’s teeth today because respect has seemingly gone out of fashion. The most common lament of parents and teachers is that they no longer have any authority. The constitution, aggressive children, post-modern culture and even religion have stripped them of their authority – or so it seems. All of this leaves them feeling powerless. Although some of them do have meaningful rules and useful disciplinary systems, without authority these become ineffective,” says Hettie.


Creative Correction Book Review

Disciplining goes hand-in-hand with parenting. But is it working? This book is packed with ideas that will change your child’s behaviour! When your children aren’t behaving, getting frustrated seems the next most logical thing to do. Don’t let yourself! Instead, get creative with Creative Correction!”

This book gives great tips for practical alternatives that will be more rewarding for both you and your children!

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Author: Lisa Whelchel
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The Chore Wars (Booklet)

Downloadable booklet from Focus on the Family

It’s every family’s dream — chores completed both efficiently and effectively. And while our family hasn’t achieved that dream yet, we have found a method for organizing chores.

Download this free booklet from Focus on the Family giving some great ideas on :

  • chores and responsibilities
  • chore chart ideas
  • age appropiate chores
  • and chore cards



Temper Tantrums Book review

Does it sometimes feel like your child’s moods are controlling you? Have you ever been embarrassed in public by your kids’ behavior, but weren’t sure how to handle it?

Do you long for a more calm and peaceful home, without yelling and fighting? This is the book for you! In “Temper Your Child’s Tantrums,” parenting expert Dr. James Dobson offers the essential keys to correcting a child in a firm, loving, and understanding way.

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Author: James Dobson
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The best advice I ever got on Parenting

Price : R159 (subject to change)
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Every parent has moments with their kids that they wish they’d been better prepared to handle. If they’d only known.

This cleverly designed book published in conjunction with Focus on the Family shares heartwarming and vulnerable experiences from well-known moms and dads. Readers will love the upbeat, surprising, sometimes humorous stories of their toddlers, grade-schoolers, tweens and teens.

Contributors include Kevin Leman, Tim & Darcy Kimmel, Vicki Courtney, Stormie Omartian and other leading Christian parents.