Making your marriage happy now and later

Authors Les and Leslie Parrott offer practical suggestions for couples to increase the enjoyment of their relationship, no matter how long they’ve been married. (2 Parts)

Advice for expectant parents

Our guests address the common concerns of moms and dads-to-be, and explain how a couple can be intentional about their marriage both during pregnancy and after the birth of their baby.

Holding onto hope during separation

Best-selling author Gary Chapman offers insights and hope from his new book, One More Try: What to Do When Your Marriage is Falling Apart.

Breaking the busyness habit

Pastor Brady Boyd warns of the relational dangers of excessive busyness as he describes how being driven by numerous ministry duties almost cost him his marriage and family.


Celebrating pregnancy

Carey Wickersham, author of The Wonder Within You, encourages the expectant mom to celebrate every week of her pregnancy by marveling at the amazing changes happening with her growing baby.


Intentional Parenting (2 Parts)

Two great broadcasts on parenting with intention.


Uncovering secrets to a happy marriage (Audio)

Best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn offers insights from research she’s conducted on what makes for a happier, more fulfilling marriage. She also outlines practical ways to develop a more Christ-like relationship with your spouse.





Senior man standing with arms outstretched

Living well after middle age (Audio)

You may think as you get older you get wiser, but author Ken Davis says — he just gets weirder! On this 2 part broadcast, Ken will encourage you to beat the middle-age blues by living life to the fullest – through exercise, nutrition and family time. If you’re facing a midlife crisis, or just need a little boost, join us for a healthy, humorous perspective.

Part 1
[su_audio url=”https://ae52daef26231574234331e24001ad519af04def.googledrive.com/host/0B-7_-84W8b7YaVUtLV81LTRPNmc/mar%2027.mp3″ width=”50%”]

Part 2
[su_audio url=”https://ae52daef26231574234331e24001ad519af04def.googledrive.com/host/0B-7_-84W8b7YaVUtLV81LTRPNmc/mar%2024.mp3″ width=”50%”]

Young people jumping on Mission Beach, San Diego, California, USA

Living joyously (Audio)

On this 2 part broadcast hear an inspiring message from David Ring — a man who leaves a lasting impression! Born with cerebral palsy, he suffered through many devastating circumstances – including the loss of his parents by age 14. Kids made fun of him and most of his family rejected him. He was pretty sure that God hated him too. Hear how he beat the odds to become a joy-filled ministry leader.

Part 1
[su_audio url=”https://ae52daef26231574234331e24001ad519af04def.googledrive.com/host/0B-7_-84W8b7YaVUtLV81LTRPNmc/mar%2009.mp3″ width=”50%”]

Part 2
[su_audio url=”https://ae52daef26231574234331e24001ad519af04def.googledrive.com/host/0B-7_-84W8b7YaVUtLV81LTRPNmc/mar%2010.mp3″ width=”50%”]